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Treat yourself... to individual coaching!

I offer individual coaching, that is tailor-made and exclusively designed to help you reach your goals. Whether it is about acquiring vocal technique, re-energizing after a busy workday, unleashing your inner rockstar or fascinating your audience with your speech – I can guide you to become audaciously happy with your voice..

In my individual coaching sessions I provide support for you to discover your voice, have fun experimenting with your creative side, find the best communication style for your personality, and improve your confidence when singing or speaking in front of others.

In our first session we analyse your current habits and look at what you would like to achieve. We look at how much time you have available to work on reaching your goal and establish an action plan. We then work together on a weekly basis or every two weeks; I give you exercises you can do at home in order to work step by step towards expressing yourself freely.

I generally apply standard vocal training and systemic coaching methods, but I also encourage my clients to experiment with different approaches in order to find the most fitting solutions for their goals. Each coaching and training process is unique... so are you!

Here are some examples of what I include in my individual coaching and training sessions, but there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

If you want to improve your voice for singing or speaking, I include:
  • relaxation and breathing exercises
  • vocal warm up
  • exercises for voice projection and pronunciation
  • working on songs or a speech
  • finding exercises that are fun and easy to integrate into your daily life
This is beneficial for you if you:
  • would like to use your voice to its full potential
  • have been told you cannot sing, but secretly know you can
  • would like to have fun developing your voice
  • would like to have a strong voice in order to make an impact
  • would like your voice to sound professional and convincing
If you want to feel confident being the center of attention, I include:
  • analysis of challenging situations and habitual behavior
  • finding ways to deal with these situations in new constructive ways
  • finding ways to feel more confident in situations where you are pushed to your limit
  • finding ways to handle stress and nerves comfortably
This is beneficial for you if you:
  • are extremely nervous about speaking in public (suffering from stage fright)
  • are avoiding situations where you have to speak in public
  • are limiting your career opportunities because of this avoidance
  • never speak up in meetings, but would like to be able to
If you want to hold captivating presentations, I include:
  • analysis of presentation style
  • improving structure, preparation and delivery
  • managing nerves, difficult audience and intimidating listeners
  • working out a system to prepare all future presentations
This is beneficial for you if you:
  • lose your train of thought during your presentations
  • cannot stick to a time limit (end up having too many slides left at the end of your presentation)
  • have difficulties grabbing people's attention
  • have an important presentation coming up and would like some professional guidance
  • have to present on a regular basis and would like to do it well
A typical coaching process with me consists of 5-10 sessions depending on the complexity of the topic and how much time you want to invest in reaching your goal. An initial period of weekly sessions is very beneficial as you train your new skill on a regular basis. This way you have the best chance of making groundbreaking communication your new habit.

I coach Mondays to Fridays between 10:30 and 14:00 in my office in the beautiful Galerie de la Reine in the heart of Brussels.

I also hold in-house coaching sessions at companies, please specify when you send me an e-mail. I offer coaching by Skype as well.

Just send an e-mail to sonja@thevoicecoach.be, I will give you all the information regarding price and scheduling.

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