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5 actions that improve your voice right NOW

I wrote a blog post on improving your voice some time ago, but the action steps in this article were a bit more elaborate. I have decided to give you some things you can start doing now without a lot of planning. And since there isn't much time, let's get started!!

Action Nr. 1: Breathe. Be conscious of your breathing. Practise the deep breathing technique. It is not just good for your voice, it's good for all different aspects of your life, because it reduces your stress level. You can do this now, while you are sitting on the bus, waiting in line, washing the dishes, waiting for your coffee, the water to boil, the plane to board or your friend to arrive. It is a free relaxation exercise and it is directly linked to your voice. The more in control you are of our breathing – the more in control you are of your voice.

Action Nr. 2: Yawn and sigh. Yawning is a great exercise to give your voice space. If you want to improve your voice, you have to give it more space to resonate in than usual. By yawning you are lifting your soft palet and increasing the space inside your mouth. By sighing you are using that space immediately without putting pressure on your voice to sound a certain way. You can do this probably every time you are alone or out of earshot (or if you are brave anywhere anytime!) So if you are on your own right now – Yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn!!!!! Aaaahhh ! :)

Action Nr. 2: Humm. I know you are waiting for the day you will be able to do it right to do it at all – but let me tell you, that day will never come. You have to start somewhere. Humming is a great way to warm up your voice and extend your range. You can hum really low and then slide up and down with your voice. Just make sure you are not forcing a sound that feels uncomfortable. You can do this right now, you can humm in the car, on the street, at home. It might not seem like much, but just as walking is also exercise, humming is gentle exercise for your voice.

Action Nr. 3: Sing. Yes, you have my permission to start singing right now! You don't have to wait to be a great singer to be allowed to sing. You don't even have to be musical. If you want to improve your voice for speaking, singing is a great way to train it. So if you don't want others to hear you (maybe right now is such a moment) make it a habit to sing in the car, or whenever you have a moment to yourself. Also there, don't push it to an extreme – only sing what feels comfortable. It doesn't have to sound great, it just needs to feel right.

Action Nr. 4: Smile. As soon as you smile you change the shape of your mouth and thereby the resonance of your voice. Try it out – you can do this for speaking or singing. Either way it will create more tension in your face, more space in your mouth and make your voice sound more interesting (… and friendly).

I hope these tips were useful. If you would like to get more tips like these or tried them out, please let me know. You can also subscribe to my newsletter, like my facebook page or read my other blog posts on tips about voice training and feeling confident as a public speaker. You can even join one of my workshops or sign up for individual coaching. I look forward to hearing from you!

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