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Mental images that improve the sound of your voice - "Impact"

In voice training – especially for singing – we work a lot with mental images. They help us create the sound we are aiming for. Mental images can influence the quality of the sound of our voice – if we imagine something making an impact, our voice will sound different than when we imagine something boring without intention or goal. Even though the creation of a sound is a mechanical act of pushing air through our vocal chords, letting them vibrate and resonate in our mouths – what we imagine while doing so, has a big influence on what our voice will sound like once the air gets pushed through. I have written 4 blog posts on this topic, the last one was «space» – today's topic is «impact».

No intention makes your voice sound boring
When we don't really know what our goal is when we speak. When we don't really focus on producing a tone with impact, but instead fear that someone might judge our sound. When we are reluctant to speak or sing in public – we hold back and we sound boring or uninteresting. This can lead to frustration because our audience will reflect this by not listening to us properly or being confused by our intention.

When we sing or speak we have to know exactly what we want beforehand – what do I want my audience to gain from my speech? What emotions do I want to convey with my song? What image do I want to paint with my voice? If we are clear on that before we speak or sing, it is easier for us to come across as confident and convincing.

How to use the image of impact for your voice
Next time you feel nervous or self conscious about speaking in public or singing: think about what you are intending with your speech or performance. What do you want to say? Imagine the impact you want to make on your audience. Look at your speech or lyrics and identify what could make that impact. What do you want your audience to focus on? Then practice your song or your speech exactly with this intention.

You can practice this, saying a loud and self-assured «Yes» or «Ha!» that is supposed to make an impact. Imagine your voice to be a racket that hits a ball. Through this impact the ball gets energy to fly. Imagine that your voice is hitting imaginary balls in the air, that you are moving through its impact.

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