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Bridal Coaching – Help with all that stress!

Translation of interview posted on March 28th 2014 by Papierhimmel/Tipps für die Hochzeit – Interviews mit ExpertInnen

Planning your wedding is one of the most beautiful, amazing and fun experiences... but hand to heart – with all the choices and possibilities that exist it can be extremely exhausting and nerve wrecking and drive you craaazy! But relax: Bridal Coaching gives support to all bridezillas out there, handling their thousand to-do's and helps timid brides, enjoy being the center of attention on their special day.

Sonja of thevoicecoach.be helps brides deal with their worries about the wedding. In this interview she gives you a few tips on this topic!

What exactly is the purpose of Bridal Coaching?
On the one hand Bridal Coaching helps brides, grooms and other people involved in a wedding, deal with being center of attention on the big day. On the other hand it helps them stay on top of their emotions during the preparation phase and deal with stress in a constructive way. During the time leading up to a wedding, fights among family members can flare up, which puts all people involved under a lot of pressure. Bridal Coaching can help to find solutions that are the best for everybody – but especially for bride and groom.

In the case of stage fright, Bridal Coaching can help people to feel more secure on that day. You uncover the resources that help you deal with your anxieties and you learn techniques that help you deal with the stress of being center of attention. The good thing is that you can use these techniques also after your wedding.

How can you avoid total overwhelm that stems from the all the craziness surrounding the preparations for a wedding?
It is important that you keep reminding yourself that the day doesn't need to be perfect. Of course you want to organize your wedding day as beautifully as possible, but you have to concentrate on the most important points. The most important thing is that you are marrying your boyfriend/girlfriend and all your friends and family celebrate with you. All the details about a wedding are nice, but not everything is absolutely necessary.

Having a clear picture of what is important to YOU and what isn't can help. This takes off the pressure wanting to do everything a 150%.

What can you do when your parents, friends, relatives etc. have different ideas about your wedding – how can you please everybody?
You can't please everybody. Full stop. There will always be somebody, who doesn't agree with what you do. The most important thing is that YOU are happy and as long as that is the case, nothing can go wrong.

How can brides get rid of their stage fright just before the ceremony?
What advice would you give them?

If you generally dread being center of attention, you should face this problem a few months ahead of your big day. Pushing the issue away and being confronted with your fear on your wedding day will just put unnecessary pressure on you. It is good to start visualizing a few weeks or months ahead, that you will be relaxed and happy when you will be walking down the aisle. Everything that you could have done, will have been done at that point. And the things you couldn't do in time, just won't matter any more. If you dedicate sufficient time to organizing a great celebration, your work will have been done that day.

The wedding day is the time to let go and enjoy the wave of positive energy, that you will receive. All the guests will have come, because they want to celebrate with you. That creates an incredibly positive atmosphere, that gives you strength to beat your stage fright.

How can you keep your cool when things go wrong on your wedding day?
It's good to delegate certain responsibilities to different people ahead of time. As bride and groom you should be as little as possible involved in the organizational tasks. This way you don't have to deal with a lot of things – that relaxes. If something does go wrong, you can try looking at the funny side. Blunders can relax a situation and alleviate the air of formality of a wedding. This can create a more relaxed mood for the guests. This is why it is even GOOD when something goes wrong! And small „mistakes“ usually go unnoticed by most guests. You mustn't forget that for the details it is mostly you who knows how it should have been.

If you would like to work with Sonja on feeling confident on your big day – send an e-mail to info@thevoicecoach.be. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions per Skype or in person (if you live in the Brussels area).




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